Sharon Marshall at Forest Park High School, Georgia - 1986

Above is a portrait of Sharon Marshall (Suzanne Sevakis) taken while she was enrolled at Forest Park High School, in Forest Park, Georgia.
Franklin Delano Floyd, psychopath, rapist, murderer, forced the step-daughter he kidnapped in late spring of 1975 from her home in North Carolina to enroll in Forest Park High School in Forest Park, Georgia, under the new, latest alias he chose to conceal her identity:, "Sharon Marshall." But it was a long road from Oklahoma City to Forest Park, Georgia, during which "Sharon" was forced to move and assume new identities when locals became suspicious.
In Oklahoma City, Floyd siezed "Suzanne Davis" and fled - after a babysitter informed law enforcement that Floyd was molesting his "daughter." What evidence did the babysitter find? Floyd did take photographs. As the years passed and Suzanne Sevakis grew up, Floyd became more experienced at deception.
"Sharon Marshall" was a gifted student with a stellar IQ, a breathtakingly beautiful blue-eyed blonde, model-thin but curvy, with a swan-like graceful neck, a pert nose and a wide beautiful smile, just a wisp over 5 feet tall. She had a cowlick and fussed with it when she styled her hair. She was also a very talented dancer.

"Sharon Marshall" applied and was accepted into Georgia Tech as an Aeronautical Engineering student - to become an astronaut!

She was so gifted that she was listed in the book "Who's Who" of American students.
Sharon stood out. She was that good.

At Georgia's Forest Park High School, Sharon Marshall exuded unforgettable tenderness, sophistication, style, intelligence and ROTC leadership.
1986 Senior Yearbook Photograph
Forest Park High School, Forest Park, Georgia
 28 years later, Sharon's DNA was matched, and her family learned of her fate.
Sharon/Suzanne died in a hit-and-run crash, less than 4 years after graduating.
By April 1990 when she was murdered, she had given birth to at least 3 children.
When "Sharon" graduated, she was 7 months pregnant. She gave birth in July 1986 to a baby boy in Arizona. It is said the boy was adopted by a doctor in Texas.


The Family of Suzanne Marie Sevakis / Sharon Marshall

The story begins with the parents of Suzanne Marie Sevakis.
They met at Southfield High School in the late 1960's and married.
Their baby girl, Suzanne Marie, was born in North Carolina in 1969.
Sharon / Suzanne's mother was Sandra "Sandi" Chipman, a graduate of Southfield High School, in Southfield, Michigan. 
This is Sandi Chipman in her 1968 Southfield High School senior year photograph:
Look closely at Sandi. Sharon Marshall inherited her cowlick from her mother.

Suzanne's father was Clifford Ray Sevakis, a 1967 graduate of Southfield High School. This is Cliff Sevakis in his 1967 Southfield High School senior year photograph:

Which parent does Sharon Marshall / Suzanne Sevakis most resemble?
In 1974, Sandra Chipman was a recently divorced woman with 3 daughters and a baby son. She crossed paths somewhere with a total stranger from out of state who represented himself as "Brandon Cleo Williams."
On June 12, 1974 in Northa Carolina, Sandra Chipman married "Brandon Cleo Williams" -in complete ignorance of the terrifying imminent danger she and her children were now in - and the fact that he was a fugitive from the law. They settled into family life with four small children.
"Brandon" was now living in the same house with 3 little girls, a baby boy, and a wife - who he may have married to have legal access to her children.
Suzanne Marie Sevakis was the first born; Sandra Chipman remarried and gave birth to 2 more daughters and a son, the youngest.
In late spring 1975, Sandra Chipman Williams wrote a bad check for baby diapers and was sent to jail for 30 days.

[Did Franklin/Brandon empty Sandra's bank account, then send her to buy diapers with a check?]
While Sandra was jailed, "Brandon" saw the golden opportunity he was waiting for.
He stole Sandra's children, dropping the youngest 2 daughters off at a Social Services Agency, murdered the year old boy, and fled with Suzanne across country to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. When they surfaced there, Suzanne Sevakis was known with the alias Suzanne Davis. She was 6 years old. Floyd became "Trenton Davis" and enrolled "Suzanne Davis" in Wilson Elementary School.

Sandra Chipman "Williams" was turned away by the local police and FBI - who told her "Brandon Williams" was their stepfather and thus had a right to take her children and vanish. Sandra was able to find and recover her two youngest daughters from a local Social Service agency, where Franklin/Brandon dropped them and ran.
Sharon/Tonya/Suzanne told people that she knew Franklin was her "stepfather." She would have had memories of her real family, and the trauma of being taken away.
Apparently, no one believed her enough to take legal action. Suzanne/Sharon was alone in the world, under the complete control and dominance of a fugitive psychopath, with no one to turn to.
She had secrets to keep to stay alive - Franklin Delano Floyd's secrets - including his many aliases, addresses, and crimes, at the risk of her life.
Did Franklin Floyd have any feelings for his stepdaughter Suzanne? NO.
Years later, an auto mechanic found photographs of Franklin abusing Suzanne.
Franklin Delano Floyd kept souvenirs of his victims.
And he kept Suzanne / Sharon as a victim.
Franklin Floyd has admitted to murdering Suzanne's son Michael Hughes (Franklin was also not his father, but tried to pose as such), and Suzanne Marie Sevakis' infant brother.
Will he confess to murdering Tonya/Sharon/Suzanne?


UPDATED! Sharon Marshall a.k.a. Suzanne Davis

Case Solved by FBI!
 SHARON MARSHALL / Suzanne Davis / Tonya Dawn Tadlock
Suzanne Marie Sevakis,
born in North Carolina in 1969.

In June 1973, career criminal (focused on attacking women and children) Franklin Delano Floyd (his birth name; he had many aliases) was released from prison.
Franklin Floyd immediately violated his parole and fled to North Carolina.

When he slipped into North Carolina under his new alias Brandon Cleo Williams, 
unsuspecting people did not know that Floyd already had a history of terrifyingly violent multiple offenses of rape, kidnap, assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer, and worse.
In North Carolina in 1974, under an alias, Floyd met a divorced woman with 3 daughters and an infant son.
They married on June 1974, and shortly after, his new bride Sandra Chipman was jailed for 30 days for writing a bad check for baby diapers.
Franklin Floyd saw his golden opportunity. He 2 of Sandra Chipman's 3 daughters off at a Social Services agency, murdered Suzanne's baby brother, seized Suzanne Sevakis, and fled thousands of miles away, to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with just Suzanne, now called "Suzanne Davis."
Franklin Floyd's latest alias became Trenton Davis, and he posed as Suzanne's father. The photo above is the earliest known released photograph of Suzanne Sevakis with her kidnapper. The terrified little girl had know idea where she was or where her mother was.
He left the photograph with his employer in Oklahoma City, who still had it and remembered him decades later.
{since Suzanne Sevakis was identified in October 2014, Franklin Floyd has admitted to killing Suzanne's baby brother and her son - Michael Hughes. How many more defenseless babies & children did Franklin Delano Floyd murder, or sell for cash?}
When Suzanne's mother Sandra Chipman was released from jail, she was able to recover her 2 daughters from the social services agency, but her new husband "Brandon Williams," her daughter Suzanne Marie Sevakis, and her infant son had vanished without a trace.
Sadly, the family of Suzanne Marie Sevakis never filed a missing person report!
Hence, Suzanne was never listed in a missing persons database anywhere.
What reason does the Sevakis family have for not listing Suzanne as missing?
**Suzanne was not living with her father Clifford Ray Sevakis - why didn't he file a missing persons report about his biological daughter, who carried his name?
Franklin Floyd, under the new alias "Trenton Davis," surfaced in August 1975, when he enrolled "Suzanne Davis" in Wilson Elementary School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Suzanne's first name remained the same - until he fled again, after a babysitter notified the law that Franklin Floyd was "molesting" his "daughter."

Law enforcement officials knew that "Suzanne" was not Franklin Floyd's daughter, as he was incarcerated for more violent crimes during the time she was conceived.

In later interviews, he claimed to have rescued her from a "bad situation." Sharon/Suzanne had also told friends that Floyd was her "stepfather." Sadly, this was not taken seriously enough to research until summer 2014. When they found Franklin Floyd's 1974 alias, Brandon Cleo Williams, they were able to match his marriage record to Sandra Chipman, who identified Suzanne as her daughter, first by photograph, then by DNA, which tested as a positive match in October 2014.

Whew. 40 years is a **long** time to find out what happened to your missing daughter - and Suzanne was only matched to her real family because law enforcement, web sleuthers, writers, and others took the initiative.

DNA testing matched Sharon Marshall / Tonya Dawn Tadlock / Suzanne Davis / Suzanne Marie Sevakis to her adopted biological daughter, born in Louisiana, a beautiful college graduate, who wants to meet her mother's birth family.

The mystery has been solved.

Sadly Franklin Delano Floyd also admitted to killing Michael Hughes, Suzanne's son, and it is hoped that his remains will be recovered for a memorial service and proper burial with his real family present. It would be gracious if the caring, nice foster parents who tried so hard to save Michael Hughes and adopt him, are invited. When the Social Services worker in Oklahoma City visited Michael Hughes with his foster parents, she was happy to report continuous improvement in the adorable little boy.


Sharon Marshall with Michael Anthony Hughes

Here is Sharon Marshall (after assuming alias "Tonya Dawn Tadlock") circa 1989, with her son, Michael Anthony Hughes.

Michael was born in Tampa, Florida, on March 21, 1988.
Franklin Delano Floyd abducted Michael Hughes, age 6, from Indian Meridian Elementary School, on September 12, 1994, in Choctaw, Oklahoma, taking the little boy from the school at gunpoint.

Franklin Floyd was NOT his father.
Sharon's kidnapper, Franklin Delano Floyd, is not Michael's father, as proven by a DNA test.
Floyd has admitted to killing Michael. The FBI has information on the possible location of his remains, so there is hope to recover him for a proper family burial.
His mother, buried as "Tonya 1967-1990" in Park Grove Cemetery, Broken Arrow, Tulsa County, Oklahoma.
It is now known that Sharon/Suzanne/Tonya was born in 1969, so she was about 20 when Floyd killed her in a night time hit-and-run attack as she was walking from a store back to the hotel room they were temporarily living in, on April 25, 1990. She died 5 days later, April 30, 1990.

 "Tonya" is buried under this tombstone in Park Grove Cemetery in Tulsa, Oklahoma,
a gift from the friends she had recently made in Oklahoma.
Her real identity can now be placed on the tombstone:
Suzanne Marie Sevakis
1969 - 1990
❤ Beloved daughter, sister, mother ❤
Justice will be served.

Book About Kidnap Victim Sharon Marshall

"A Beautiful Child" by Matt Birkbeck. Her name is not on the front cover, but the name given to her by her kidnapper, was "Sharon Marshall" in Forest Park High School in Georgia, where she graduated in 1986, when she was 7 months pregnant.

Sharon Marshall / Suzanne Davis - Kidnap Victim

Here are photographs of "Sharon Marshall" as a teenager in Georgia.

Did you know "Sharon" at Forest Park High School in Georgia? Please send your comments with any helpful information you have.

Sharon (on the right) with Jennifer Fisher, her only close friend from (another) High School. 

Here is Sharon Marshall, at Forest Park High School, Georgia.
The school year is 1984/5, and she is on the Prom Committee:
Tragically - the state of North Carolina didn't take a Missing Persons Report, and so Suzanne Marie Sevakis was never listed in any missing persons database. If she was, she would have been found much sooner.