Suzanne Davis a.k.a. Sharon Marshall a.k.a Tonya Dawn Tadlock
Suzanne Marie Sevakis

Suzanne Sevakis aka Sharon Marshall
In 2014, the FBI gleaned information from incarcerated felon Franklin Delano Floyd. The trail lead them to North Carolina in 1974, where he married a newly divorced mother of 3 daughters and a baby son, Sandra "Sandi" Chipman Brandenberg. Her oldest daughter, Suzanne Marie, was the biological daughter of Clifford Ray Sevakis of Livonia, Michigan, where she was born on September 9, 1969.
Both of her parents are still alive!
Tragically, Sandra Chipman did not know that the real name of "Brandon Cleo Williams" - the man she married on June 1974 was really Franklin Delano Floyd - a fugitive and murderer, rapist, kidnapper, arsonist, burglar, pedophile, and more.
In the spring of 1975, Sandra Chipman Williams was jailed for 30 days for writing a bad check. Brandon/Franklin seized Suzanne and fled.
FACT: The family of Suzanne Marie Sevakis never filed a missing person report!
FACT: Suzanne was never listed in any missing persons database!
What reason do the father and mother of Suzanne Marie Sevakis have:

* For not listing Suzanne as a missing person?  
* For not creating a web page in an attempt to find her? 


(1) Birth name Suzanne - first name kidnapper used for her in Oklahoma City
(2) Birth date - year matched what was believed (1969)
(3) Birth state - she had told people she was born in Michigan!
(4) Name of kidnapper "Williams" (Franklin Floyd used that alias when he married Sandi, then used it again when he was interrogated - as belonging to a woman he knew!
(5) BABY PICTURES of Suzanne before she was kidnapped at nearly age 6 - these would match the picture of her with Floyd in Oklahoma City in 1975!
(6) Both Suzanne Sevakis and Franklin Floyd told people he was her stepfather!
(7) Franklin Floyd told people he rescued Suzanne from a "bad situation" - her mother was actually in jail for 30 days.
In October 2014, it was revealed that DNA testing matched Sharon Marshall / Tonya Dawn Tadlock / Suzanne Davis / Suzanne Marie Sevakis to her adopted biological daughter, born in Louisiana in 1989, named Megan Dufresne




                 FBI cracked 40 YEAR COLD CASE!
                 Sharon Marshall is...Suzanne Sevakis!...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


The FBI has released information about the Sharon Marshall and Michael Hughes kidnapping cases!
Both murdered by the same kidnapper: Franklin Delano Floyd!
Suzanne Marie Sevakis was born in Michigan on September 9, 1969, the first born of Sandra Chipman and Cliff Sevakis. They met in Southfield High School in Southfield, Michigan, and married in June 1968. They divorced soon after Suzanne's birth.

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 Suzanne Marie Sevakis in 4 High School yearbooks, using the alias "Sharon Marshall":
Left: 1983 Alhambra High School, Phoenix, Arizona
Second from left: 1983 North Hall High School, Gainesville, Georgia
Second from right: 1985 Forest Park High School, Forest Park, Georgia
Right: 1986 Forest Park High School, Forest Park, Georgia   

Where was "Sharon Marshall" in the 1980-1981 school year?
At Highland Middle School in Louisville, Kentucky - in the 6th grade.

Sandi had 6 more children!

Allison Brandenburg, born in 1971
Amy Brandenburg, born in 1972.  
Phillip Steven Brandenburg, born April 1974 - said to have been privately adopted. Hopefully he survived being near Franklin Floyd!

Jeff Dinnell - In 1977 
Dorothy Willett - in 1980 

In 1974, Sandra, Suzanne, Allison, Amy, and Phillip were living in North Carolina, when Sandi Sevakis met a man at a church.

He lied to Sandi, and told her his name was "Brandon Cleo Williams." 
"Brandon" employed deceptive charm and disarming humor. He welcomed her fatherless children and appeared to be good with them. In fact, he had never had a child.

He was, in fact, a federal fugitive Franklin Delano Floyd, born June 17, 1943, in Georgia. 
He never lost his southern accent; a useful bit of information when looking for the two kidnapped children.  He would stay in the south to not stand out too much.

Only one month and two days after the birth of her baby boy Phillip, Sandra married "Brandon Williams" - after he promised to help get back custody of her children, which she had lost.

Was there even one photograph of "Brandon Williams" that could be used in the search?? 
"Sandi" Chipman, mother of four, had married a monster with a horrifying history of violent crime, including:
  • rape
  • pedophilia
  • murder
  • firing his gun at police during an attempted armed robbery
-- that went all the way back to early in his life! How many people did he murder?

Just the year before he had escaped prison.

Franklin Floyd was adept and experienced at creating aliases to hide from the law, and sounded convincing. Federal fugitive Franklin Delano Floyd was diagnosed as a schizophrenic. He was unstable, violent, a mentally ill criminally insane man who was the very embodiment of extreme evil.

His life of pathological incurable violence and prison record began early, including shooting at the police and kidnapping and raping a 4 year old girl from a Georgia bowling alley. Check out these arrest record photos from 1961 and 1962:

This is the man Sandi Chipman Sevakis met at a church, quickly married, and moved him in with her four small children!!!

In June 1974, Suzanne was 4, Alison was 3, Amy was 2, and Philip was 1 month old.

"Brandon Williams" had no relatives or friends in the state. What did he tell Sandra? That he was a "victim" of "abuse" who found Jesus, and was a decent man who loved children, looking for a decent woman? 

That he'd be a great "Daddy" to her children?

Franklin Delano Floyd was in a Federal prison when Suzanne Sevakis was conceived in December 1968!
"Brandon" convinced Sandra to move the family to Texas. He knew the Feds would be less likely to find him, and as his pathological, predictable pattern of always moving on suddenly.   
This corroborates a statement given by a relative of Franklin Floyd, who said Floyd was seen in Texas in 1974 with little blonde "Suzanne."
11 years on, Franklin Floyd, living under the guise of yet another illegal alias, had enrolled "Sharon" in a high school in Georgia. Keeping on the run year after year made it more difficult to find Suzanne Sevakis, depending on exactly what information they had collected on "Brandon Cleo Williams" - an alias the law failed to discover until his own confession in a Florida prison in 2014!

Sharon Marshall posing for a "glamour" photograph in her 1986 Forest Park High School yearbook.

She is cheerless, her eyes guarded, her blouse is inappropriately unbuttoned, and  "Dad" in the message was Franklin Floyd, a felon with an alias posing as her father.

In May 1975, Sandi Chipman "Williams" was arrested in Dallas for writing a bad check. How did that happen? Did "Brandon" empty the account and send Sandi on a shopping trip to make a purchase with a bad check? 

30 days is excessive punishment for one bad check! There must be more to the story. Did "Brandon" send Sandi out on the errand for the baby items, just like he sent "Sharon" out for baby items as he planned to kill her and collect on the two life insurance policies he had taken out?
[In 1990, Franklin sent Suzanne on a late night shopping trip for "baby items." While on the excursion for the baby stuff, she was found unconscious on a poorly lit service road around midnight. It appeared to be hit by a car, yet there was blunt force trauma to the back of her head, enough to cause death, unrelated to the car "accident." A doctor told someone that Sharon's injuries were NOT caused by a car accident! 

Did it happen somewhere else, and was her body moved there afterwards?
Sharon was allegedly wearing high heel shoes and headphones when she was hit by a car. An unlikely story, that! -- In her other recent photos, she was simply dressed with socks and flat shoes. 

Who would wear headphones while walking down a dark road around midnight? NO ONE! AND FRANKLIN FLOYD HAD A RED TRUCK - WHICH HE SOLD IN A HURRY!
While Sandi was jailed, "Brandon Williams" left Allison and Amy on a Dallas church's front steps, and fled to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with Suzanne. 
When Sandi was released, she recovered Allison and Amy. Texas law rejected her attempts to file charges of kidnapping, stating that "Brandon" was the children's "stepfather" so legally he could grab whichever ones he wanted and hit the road. However, he wasn't even "Brandon" - he was federal fugitive Franklin Floyd!!!
There was a error in their legal assumption: Brandon had NOT adopted the children; he was not a "stepfather." He was simply a legal husband of Sandi Chipman who had deceived her and mercilessly stole her daughter!
There, they assumed new identities: he was now "Trenton B. Davis" and she was "Suzanne Davis." Floyd enrolled Suzanne in an Oklahoma City Elementary School.
Only he knows what lies he told to the helpless 5 year old girl to convince her that her mother had "died" and he had "rescued her from a bad situation" - which he later told the FBI, including identifying the name "Williams" as belonging to someone he knew, more useful bits of information that would have gotten hits if posted on a web page with Suzanne's information and picture, including the name "Suzanne" (which he used next for her in OKC) and the fact that her stepfather had taken her.
Suzanne Sevakis had a photographic memory. She was 5 years and 8 months of age when Franklin Floyd took her away. She most certainly would have remembered her birth family. Did she ever tell anyone any details, other than the fact that the man she called "Daddy" was her "stepfather?"

Franklin Delano Floyd has confessed to killing Michael Hughes by shooting him twice in the back of the head. He told the FBI where to find Michael's remains, but two decades later, no remains were found after the FBI's search.
Mr. and Mrs. Bean, who were in the process of adopting Michael Hughes, received the news from the FBI, and are saddened at his death, but they look forward to seeing Michael again in heaven.
Sharon Marshall in Forest Park High School: ROTC Princess 


Sharon Marshall at Alhambra High School, 1983

In September 1983, Sharon Marshall turned 14

She enrolled as a freshman in Alhambra High School in Phoenix, Arizona, by the convicted felon who kidnapped and abused her: Franklin Delano Floyd.

"Sharon" looks a little younger in her freshman yearbook photo for the Phoenix, Arizona High School, than in her next freshman year High School yearbook.

Whenever Sharon became too close to people or suspicious questions were asked, Franklin Floyd a.k.a. Warren Marshall fled town, forcing "Sharon" to change schools again and again.

Their next stop would be Georgia, where "Sharon Marshall" would be enrolled in 3 more High Schools before settling into Forest Park High School, for her Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years.

Here she is in the 1983 Alhambra High School yearbook, page 203: 

The wide smile, pointed chin and squarish jaw, the blonde streak on top of her head, and hairstyle are the same as appears in her next photo, also enrolled as a freshman in 1983 at North Hall High School in Georgia.

Sharon was maturing fast, and the uncommon blonde beauty was already turning heads.

Alhambra High School in Phoenix, Arizona is located at 3839 W. Camelback Ave., Phoenix, Arizona 85019.  http://www.alhambrahs.org/alhambra

In Phoenix, "Sharon" became friends with Mario, a 1987 graduate of Alhambra High School:


Sharon Marshall at North Hall High School, 1983

In 1983, Sharon Marshall was 14. After being forced to leave Arizona by her kidnapper, she was taken to Atlanta, Georgia and enrolled as a freshman in North Hall High School in nearby Gainesville, Georgia.
North Hall High School [incorrectly identified as "Northside High School" in Matt Birkbeck's book "A Beautiful Child] is located at 4885 Mt. Vernon Road, Gainesville, Georgia 30506. http://nhhs.hallco.org/web
"Sharon" knew that "Warren Marshall" was her stepfather using another alias, and that he kidnapped her when she was 5 years old.

Sharon also knew her life would be in grave danger if she ever shared Floyd's dark secrets.
The stunning, unforgettable blonde was bird-thin, just over 5 feet tall, with long hair and magnetic blue eyes. 

Here she is in the 1983 North Hall High School yearbook:

Here is "Sharon Marshall" at about 14 in Alhambra High School (left) and North Hall High School:
Sharon's hair and blouse collar are the same. In Georgia, she matured rapidly.
Here is "Sharon Marshall" as a junior at Forest Park High School, age about 16:

 Left to right:
Alhambra High School - Phoenix, Arizona    
North Hall High School - Gainesville, Georgia
Forest Park High School - Forest Park, Georgia
Forest Park High School - Forest Park, Georgia

The color senior yearbook portrait of "Sharon L. Marshall" shows how much Sharon/Suzanne had matured in her High School years. In her final year of 1986, Sharon/Suzanne's hair was colored blonde and coiffed in soft waves. Her makeup was lightly and tastefully done. She posed in a black, off the shoulder student portrait cape, and wore a pearl necklace that gave her an air of sophistication. All her beauty and style were augmented by her exceptionally high IQ and her leadership skills.  

Unfortunately (or was it intentional?), Sharon/Suzanne became pregnant in October of her senior year. She lost her admission to Georgia Tech and scholarships, as her abductor Franklin Floyd moved them back to Phoenix, Arizona for the birth of her baby boy. The boy was said to have been adopted by a wealthy couple of doctors in Texas, where he grew up in a large house, with his own private nanny.

In July 2018, the boy will be 32 years of age. With the beauty and extraordinary intelligence of his biological mother, combined with the nurturing atmosphere and advantages of his adoptive parents, there is a good chance that he is an educated and successful young man.


Sharon Marshall / Suzanne Sevakis Family

Left to right, circa 1960
* Clifford Ray Sevakis - the father of Suzanne Marie Sevakis a.k.a. Sharon Marshall
* his mother Lillian Trapp Sevakis (Suzanne's grandmother, 1918-2013), 
* his father Ray Sevakis (Suzanne's grandfather - married to Lillian 71 years), 
* his sister Nancy Sevakis (Suzanne's aunt)

Lillian Trapp Sevakis was a petite, cute blonde with a wide smile and strong Christian faith. 
Sadly, her granddaughter Suzanne Marie Sevakis was not mentioned in her obituary!

Suzanne Marie Sevakis' daughter born in New Orleans on August 11, 1989 is named Megan Dufresne.

Megan is a beautiful, talented college graduate. She is short, like Suzanne was, with the wide Sevakis smile. With her talent and fate, is Megan destined for fame?

One can hope so.

To breathe life and meaning to an uncommon beauty who's short life touched others unforgettably, and perhaps, promote awareness of non-custodial parental abduction, its consequences, and share new ways of locating kidnapped children is but one possibility of Megan's bright future. Suzanne would be proud. And proud of her daughter Megan's son Michael, named after her lost brother.


Sharon Marshall at Forest Park High School, Georgia - 1986

Above is a portrait of Sharon Marshall (Suzanne Sevakis) taken while she was enrolled at Forest Park High School, in Forest Park, Georgia.
Franklin Delano Floyd: psychopath, rapist, pedophile, murderer, kidnapper

The convicted felon forced the step-daughter he kidnapped in late spring of 1975 to enroll in Forest Park High School in Forest Park, Georgia, under the alias he chose to conceal her identity:, "Sharon Marshall." But it was a long road from Oklahoma City to Forest Park, Georgia, during which "Sharon" was forced to move and assume new identities when locals became suspicious.

In Oklahoma City, Floyd seized "Suzanne Davis" and fled - after a babysitter informed law enforcement that Floyd was molesting his "daughter." What evidence did the babysitter find? Floyd did take photographs. As the years passed and Suzanne Sevakis grew up, Floyd became more experienced at deception.                                                                                                          

"Sharon Marshall" was a gifted student with a stellar IQ, a breathtakingly beautiful blue-eyed blonde, model-thin but curvy, with a swan-like graceful neck, a pert nose and a wide beautiful smile, just a wisp over 5 feet tall. She had a cowlick and fussed with it when she styled her hair.                                                                                  

"Sharon Marshall" applied and was accepted into Georgia Tech University as an Aeronautical Engineering student - to become an astronaut!

She was so gifted that she was listed in the book "Who's Who" of American High School students.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
At Georgia's Forest Park High School, Sharon Marshall exuded unforgettable beauty, tenderness, sophistication, style, intelligence and ROTC leadership.
1986 Senior Yearbook Photograph
Forest Park High School
Forest Park, Georgia
24 years after her death, Sharon's DNA was matched to her mother's, and her family learned of her sad fate - after Franklin Floyd admitted her name while being interrogated.

Sharon/Suzanne died in a hit-and-run crash, with possible intentional blunt trauma injury to the back of her head, less than 4 years after graduating Forest Park High School.

By April 1990 when she was murdered, she had given birth to at least 3 children; two boys and her last known birth, a girl, in New Orleans, Louisiana, on August 11, 1989. The baby girl was adopted out by a wonderful family in Louisiana. Her adoptive name is Megan Dufresne.

When "Sharon" graduated, she was 7 months pregnant. Sharon gave birth in July 1986 to a baby boy in Arizona. It is said the boy was adopted by a wealthy couple who are both doctors, living in a huge house in Dallas, Texas, with his own private nanny.  

In Sharon Marshall's senior yearbook, the man who had kidnapped her 9 years ago, wrote a dedication: 
"Look out Georgia Tech! Hello future Air Force General and aeronautical engineering career. Dad."



The Family of Suzanne Marie Sevakis / Sharon Marshall

The story begins with the parents of Suzanne Marie Sevakis.
They met at Southfield High School in the late 1960's and, being teenagers, eloped in June 1968 without telling anyone.

This is Suzanne/Sharon's mother, Sandi Chipman, in her 1968 Southfield High School yearbook:
Look closely at Sandi. Sharon Marshall inherited her cowlick from her mother. And, Sandi's IQ was high, which Suzanne inherited.

Suzanne's father was Clifford Ray Sevakis, a 1967 graduate of Southfield High School.

Cliff Sevakis and Sandi Chipman in Southfield High School in Michigan where they met.
On September 9, 1969, they became the parents of Suzanne Marie Sevakis.

In 1974, Sandra Chipman was a recently divorced woman with 3 daughters and a baby son.
Suzanne Marie Sevakis was the first born; Sandra gave birth to Allison (1970), Amy (1972), Phillip (1974), and later, Jeff and Dorothy.

In 1974, Franklin Floyd crossed paths with Sandi, and saw an opportunity to have legal access to children. He was a total stranger who falsely represented himself as "Brandon Cleo Williams" who was in fact a terrifyingly violent convicted felon wanted by the law.
  On June 12, 1974 in North Carolina, Sandi married "Brandon Cleo Williams." She and her tiny helpless children were in dire, imminent danger!

Did Sandra Chipman have any photographs of "Brandon Williams" ?

(Would YOU marry a man without photographs of him stored safely somewhere else?? MEET HIS FAMILY - INSIST! PHOTOGRAPH HIM FIRST! GET HIS DNA COVERTLY, LIKE OFF A GLASS, & HAVE IT PROCESSED & STORED SOMEWHERE ONLINE!)

If Brandon/Franklin resisted being photographed, didn't that have set off alarm bells?

Did Williams/Floyd carry a driver's license with a photo? Any clues as to his relatives, birthplace, parents/sibling names, etc.?

[When applying for a job, a thorough background check is done. When moving in with someone, an even more thorough background check should be done. Do it without telling them.]

Did Sandi send any photos of her new husband "Brandon" with her children, to her family in Michigan? Sandi, "Brandon", and Sandi's 4 children were all together in Christmas 1974.

"Brandon"/Floyd certainly had a camera and experience with photography; he used it to photograph Suzanne/Sharon/Tonya over the years - later found by law enforcement, concealed in a truck he had owned.

Regardless, Sandra could have given a description, even had an artist's rendering of what "Brandon Williams" looked like. A web site could have been created for Suzanne Marie Sevakis, kidnapped in 1975 by her stepfather, once the internet became available in the 1990's. The key words "Suzanne" "Williams" "1969" "1975" "stepfather" would have displayed the page. This never happened, nor was Suzanne even listed as a missing person, nor was her DNA in the NEMEC data base - where it would have found a hit.

Sometime after Sandra and "Brandon" a.k.a. Floyd married, they moved the family to Texas. In late spring 1975, in Dallas, Sandra Chipman "Williams" wrote a bad check and was sent to jail for 30 days.

[Did Franklin/Brandon intentionally empty Sandra's bank account, then send her to buy diapers with a check? What had he planned in advance?]

While Sandra was jailed, "Brandon" moved fast.

He stole Sandra's children, dropping Dorothy and Amy off on the front steps of a church, and sped away with tiny Suzanne, who he said later, had agreed to go with him. What lies did Franklin Floyd tell Suzanne? Suzanne/Sharon later told people at Forest High School that her mother was "murdered." Near the end of her life, she told friends that Floyd was her stepfather, and he had been molesting her since he took her. Suzanne / Sharon remembered the trauma of being taken away.

When they surfaced in Oklahoma City in the summer of 1975, Suzanne Sevakis became "Suzanne Davis." She was about to turn 6 years old.

Floyd became "Trenton Davis" and enrolled "Suzanne Davis" in Wilson Elementary School.

Did devious Floyd manage to seize all photographs of him from their home in Dallas to erase any evidence? 

Sandra Chipman "Williams" was turned away by the local police and FBI - who told her "Brandon Williams" was her children's stepfather and thus had a right to take her eldest daughter and vanish, even though he suspiciously left 2 behind.

Sandra was able to find and recover her two youngest daughters from the church.

Franklin Floyd told investigators the woman he saved "Sharon" from a woman with the last name of "Williams" - his alias' last name in 1974 and part of 1975. And that he got "Sharon" out of a bad situation - meaning somehow the mother wasn't there. And "Sharon's" first name when they surfaced in Oklahoma city was "Suzanne". These pieces of the puzzle are glaringly obvious.

No one took legal action to locate Suzanne. 

Suzanne/Sharon was alone in the world, under the complete control and dominance of a fugitive psychopath, with no one to turn to.

She had secrets to keep to stay alive - Franklin Delano Floyd's secrets - including his many aliases, addresses, and crimes - at the risk of her life.

Did Franklin Floyd have any feelings for his stepdaughter Suzanne? NO.
Years later, an auto mechanic found photographs of Franklin abusing Suzanne. A true psychopath, Franklin Delano Floyd kept souvenirs of his victims.

Franklin Floyd has admitted to murdering Suzanne's son Michael Hughes (Franklin was also not his father, but lied and claimed he was).


UPDATED! Sharon Marshall a.k.a. Suzanne Davis

Case Solved by FBI!
 SHARON MARSHALL / Suzanne Davis / Tonya Dawn Tadlock
Suzanne Marie Sevakis,
born in North Carolina in 1969.

In June 1973, career criminal (focused on attacking women and children) Franklin Delano Floyd (his birth name; he had many aliases) was released from prison.

Franklin Floyd immediately violated his parole and fled to North Carolina.

When he slipped into North Carolina under his new alias Brandon Cleo Williams, 
unsuspecting people did not know that Floyd already had a history of terrifyingly violent multiple offenses of rape, kidnap, assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer, and worse.

In North Carolina in 1974, under an alias, Floyd met a divorced woman with 3 daughters and an infant son.

They married on June 1974, and shortly after, his new bride Sandra Chipman was jailed for 30 days for writing a bad check.

Franklin Floyd saw his golden opportunity. He 2 of Sandra Chipman's 3 daughters off at a Social Services agency, seized Suzanne Sevakis, and fled thousands of miles away, to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with just Suzanne, now called "Suzanne Davis."

Franklin Floyd's latest alias became Trenton Davis, and he posed as Suzanne's father. The photo above is the earliest known released photograph of Suzanne Sevakis with her kidnapper. The terrified little girl had know idea where she was or where her mother was.
He left the photograph with his employer in Oklahoma City, who still had it and remembered him decades later.

{since Suzanne Sevakis was identified in October 2014, Franklin Floyd has admitted to killing Suzanne's baby brother and her son - Michael Hughes. How many more defenseless babies & children did Franklin Delano Floyd murder, or sell for cash?}

When Suzanne's mother Sandra Chipman was released from jail, she was able to recover her 2 daughters from the social services agency, but her new husband "Brandon Williams," her daughter Suzanne Marie Sevakis, and her infant son had vanished without a trace.

Sadly, the family of Suzanne Marie Sevakis never filed a missing person report!

Franklin Floyd, under the new alias "Trenton Davis," surfaced in August 1975, when he enrolled "Suzanne Davis" in Wilson Elementary School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Suzanne's first name remained the same - until he fled again, after a babysitter notified the law that Franklin Floyd was "molesting" his "daughter."

Law enforcement officials knew that "Suzanne" was not Franklin Floyd's daughter, as he was incarcerated for more violent crimes during the time she was conceived. [PROVEN FACT]

In later interviews, he claimed to have rescued her from a "bad situation." [TRUE HINT]

Sharon/Suzanne had also told friends that Floyd was her "stepfather." [TRUE HINT]

Sadly, this was not taken seriously enough to research until summer 2014. When they found Franklin Floyd's 1974 alias, Brandon Cleo Williams, they were able to match his marriage record to Sandra Chipman, who identified Suzanne as her daughter, first by photograph, then by DNA, which tested as a positive match in October 2014.

Whew. 40 years is a **long** time to find out what happened to your missing daughter - and Suzanne was only matched to her real family because law enforcement, web sleuthers, writers, and others took the initiative.

DNA testing matched Sharon Marshall / Tonya Dawn Tadlock / Suzanne Davis / Suzanne Marie Sevakis to her adopted biological daughter, Megan Dufresne, born in Louisiana, a beautiful college graduate, who has met her parents' family members.

The mystery has been solved.

Sadly Franklin Delano Floyd also admitted to killing Michael Hughes.