UPDATED! Sharon Marshall a.k.a. Suzanne Davis

Suzanne Marie Sevakis,
born in North Carolina in 1969.

In June 1973, after an established career in crime that focused on attacking women and children, Franklin Delano Floyd (his birth name; he had many aliases) was released from prison. Floyd immediately violated his parole and fled the law to North Carolina.

Franklin Floyd already had multiple offenses of rape, kidnap, assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer, and more. He had no intention of changing his career of crime.
"Franklin Floyd", a.k.a. "Trenton Davis", left the photograph above with his employer in Oklahoma City, taken circa 1975.

In North Carolina in 1974, under an alias, Floyd met a divorced woman with 3 daughters and an infant son.

They later married, and in 1975 the woman served 30 days in jail for a small crime. While she was in jail, Floyd left 2 of her 3 daughters off at a social services agency, and vanished with Suzanne and the baby boy.

When the woman was released from jail, she was able to recover her 2 daughters from the social services agency, but Franklin, Suzanne, and her infant son were gone.

North Carolina never filed a missing persons report, hence, Suzanne was never listed in a missing persons database.

Franklin Floyd, under the new alias "Trenton Davis," surfaced in August 1975, when he enrolled a blue eyed, blonde girl as"Suzanne Davis" in Wilson Elementary School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

It was established that "Suzanne" was not Franklin Floyd's daughter, as he was incarcerated for violent crimes during the time she was conceived.

In later interviews, he claimed to have rescued her from a "bad situation".

In October 2014, the FBI learned that Floyd had married in North Carolina under an alias, and they were able to contact the woman, who verified the little girl in the picture above was her daughter, Suzanne Marie Sevakis.

Through DNA testing, Sharon Marshall's true identity has been confirmed, and her biological daughter, a beautiful college graduate, wants to meet her mother's birth family.

The mystery has been solved. Floyd also admitted to killing Michael Hughes, Sharon/Suzanne's son, and it is hoped that his remains will be recovered.

Author Matt Birkbeck plans to reveal more details in the next edition of his book, "A Beautiful Child."


Sharon Marshall with Michael Anthony Hughes

Here is Sharon Marshall (Suzanne Marie Sevakis) after High School, circa 1989, with her son, Michael Anthony Hughes.

Sharon's kidnapper, Franklin Delano Floyd, is not Michael's father, as proven by a DNA test.
Floyd has admitted to killing Michael. The FBI has information on the possible location of his remains, so there is hope to recover him for a proper family burial.

His mother, buried as "Tonya 1967-1990" in Park Grove Cemetery, Broken Arrow, Tulsa County, Oklahoma.

It is now known that Sharon/Suzanne/Tonya was born in 1969, so she was about 20 when Floyd killed her in a night time hit-and-run attack as she was walking from a store back to the hotel room they were temporarily living in, on April 25, 1990. She died 5 days later.


Book About Kidnap Victim Sharon Marshall

"A Beautiful Child" by Matt Birkbeck. Her name is not on the front cover, but the name given to her by her kidnapper, was "Sharon Marshall" in Forest Park High School in Georgia, where she graduated in 1986, when she was 7 months pregnant.

Sharon Marshall / Suzanne Davis - Kidnap Victim

Here are photographs of "Sharon Marshall" as a teenager in Georgia. Did you know "Sharon" at Forest Park High School in Georgia? Please send your comments with any helpful information you have.

Sharon (on the right) with Jennifer Fisher, her only close friend from High School. Sharon graduated in 1986.

What did Sharon's middle initial "L" stand for?

Here is Sharon Marshall, at Forest Park High School, Georgia. The school year is 1984/5, and she is on the Prom Committee: